Get stamp of Mofa for consular certification
Consular certification:
1. “Consular certification” means the Vietnamese competent authority certifying the seal, signature and title on Vietnamese papers and documents so that such papers and documents can be recognized and used in another country.
All papers, documents, experience certificate  and degrees, certificates, university degrees  are  issued in  Vietnam . You need your documents to be certified consular with stamp of Mofa (Ministry of foreign affair in Vietnam) in order to use in different country or  your countries….
– it does’nt mean  that all documents are issued in Vietnam , we can get  stamp of Mofa for consular certification.We have to check  the  signature of  your boss or manager of your company . Their signature is  registed  from  cunsular department or not.
– Sometimes,  boss  of  company or manager of  company whom  you are working for . they did’nt pay attention to make  registration of their signature from consular department for   consular certification.
-For foreigners who have worked in Vietnam, you should check the signature of the director or manager of that company and whether their signature is registered with the consular department before applying for the stamp of Mofa for consular certification and stamped on the back side of the original and stamped with the stamp of Mofa on the back side of the translated or notarized translation
– In special cases where the director or manager of that company does not have their signature registered with the consular department, Officers of consular department cannot stick the stamp of Mofa on the back of the original, so you have to notarize it firstly and  have  notarized copy . We will then apply for a notarized stamp on the front of the copy and bring the original along with the consular department for comparison. The consular officer only allows to stick  stamp of Mofa on  backside of the notarized copy only, they cannot put the stamp of Mofa on the original. This is the regulation from  consular department. We can not  change.
Sample of   signature  from this  company
Hope you understand what I mean.
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