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Are you in need of French to Vietnamese translation? Want to translate specialized documents into French? Are you looking for the most professional translation company today? And you don’t want to spend money on poor quality service, not up to your expectations. Follow this article to find yourself the cheapest  professional – quality – French translation service  on the market today.

1.The current demand for French translation

The demand for French translation is increasing

With more than 66 million inhabitants, France is the world’s 6th largest importer, making it an attractive market. French is spoken in 35 countries and has more than 274 million speakers worldwide, with particular importance in Europe, Canada and Africa. However, only 4% of the content on the internet is translated into French.

Therefore, the affirmation of the brand in this market imposes many requirements, including the requirement to translate documents, products, contracts,… to French and from French to other languages of the world.

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2.Should you translate French yourself or choose a French translation service.

Should French be self-translated

There are some people who can converse in French fluently, often wondering whether to translate company documents themselves, or ask for translation services. Clarifying this, we can analyze these two aspects of concern.

French self-translation

French language is less widely used than English, because of its difficulty in use. Therefore, the self-translation of French will take a lot of time for the performer. Besides, if the translation ability is limited, or not mastered, the accuracy will decrease significantly. Leading to a lot of deviations, in return, it will help self-translators save money significantly.

Choice of French Translation Services

As for contacting a reputable french translation service, it will definitely cost people a significant amount of money. This cost will depend on the content you want to translate, as well as the number of sentences and manuscripts that need to be translated.

But in return, the quality of the translation will be extremely guaranteed, there are no errors on the translation. The level of information accuracy of documents when translated is extremely high. And surely customers will not take time to translate, or read and understand French content before like self-translation.

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3.Necessary notes when contacting Pha P translation service.

French translation services in Hanoi

If customers, or businesses want to improve the quality of their translations. As well as maintaining your best interests and interests, it is necessary to ensure necessary and important notes such as:

Determine exactly for what purpose the document text needs translation

Especially for documents, which can often be related to different topics and fields. So if the person needs to translate, contact give basic information about his main document. It will also help the translation facility, handing over document information to professional standardists. Make translation more accurate, accurate and better. Of course, if the contact cannot be identified, then a reputable French translation agency,  can still identify, but does not guarantee the highest certainty.

Choose a qualified translator or a quality translator

Professional French translation team

A French translator with industry expertise, which you are looking for, is better than an ordinary translator. Or you can choose a reputable quality translation establishment, ensuring good quality such as T&C  Translation. With a highly specialized translation team, deep knowledge of many fields.

It is not cheap to contact translation without knowing the information

If you choose a place to receive translation, you do not know the information, but there is a surprisingly cheap price. Then you should not put your information here, because French is not Mandarin. And especially translating French documents is not easy, if the price is cheap, then the quality of that translation can be many errors. Or the translator uses inter translation tools to give you a poor quality translation.

So if businesses, companies and individuals need to contact a reputable and quality French translation address, please contact T&C Translation  to receive the best support.

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4.French translation services at T&C Translation.

 T&C Translation  offers customers professional – fast – accurate  French translation services at the cheapest cost on the market today:

  • French translation of marketing disciplines: leaflet translation, French website translation,..
  • French translation of law: translation of marriage certificates, birth certificates, criminal records, translation of study documents for study.
  • Translation of specialized medical documents: maxillofacial dentistry, health care, ophthalmology,…
  • Translation of economic documents: contracts, transactions between counterparties, commercial documents,..
  • French book translation
  • Translation of company documents: translation of French business licenses, translation of business contracts, economic contracts, commercial documents,…
  • Translation of financial documents: translation of financial statements, translation of tax reports, translation of auditing documents, accounting,..
  • Multidisciplinary French translation: specialized translation of information technology, construction, mathematics, physics, construction, ships, IT, environment,…
  • Notarized translation of French into languages: Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean,..

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Notarized French translation at T&C.

What documents are notarized translation

 T&C Translation  provides French notarized translation services for  most types of documents and papers, so customers can be assured of the quality of our services. The seals attesting the translation at T&C  are legally valid in Vietnam as well as France within the allowed validity period.

 T&C Translation  notarized the French translation of the following documents:

  • Personal documents such as: identity card, household registration book, transcripts, school records, driver’s license, marriage certificate, divorce paper, curriculum vitae,..
  • Types of company documents: cooperation contract, financial statements, business registration, bidding documents, enterprise records, law documents,…

Note: If customers need notarized translation to take it immediately, take it quickly or urgently according to the appointment time, please contact T&C Translation  immediately for consulting support.

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5.French translation process at T&C.

 T&C  Translation is a professional translation service company that adheres to the top stringent quality translation process in Vietnam. Because poor quality or machine translations can lead to major consequences, our management team and translators keep a close eye on how accurate the translations are. Here is the  French translation process  to complete the project quickly and conveniently for the client

  • Step 1: Receive French translation documents at the office or customers can contact our Hotline for free quotation advice
  • Step 2: The project management team will receive the client’s documents and conduct document analysis and then offer the fastest and most accurate translation process.
  • Step 3: Conduct translation combining today’s leading translation technologies such as Trados, MemoQ, Word Fast,..
  • Step 4: The proofreader will check the quality of the translation for the last time before handing it over to the customer
  • Step 5: Deliver documents to customers on or before the appointment time as committed earlier
  • Step 6: Warranty, edit until the customer is satisfied according to the company’s policy

6.Why you should use French translation services at T&C.

Advantages of hiring a professional French translation company

Currently, one of the addresses that is highly appreciated for the high quality of French translation is T&C  Translation. The service of this place makes people feel extremely satisfied, because of many advantages:

Fast translation time

For a large block of documents, which need fast translation, early translation of the facility can also be easily done completely. Documents that seem to take months, T&C Translation  only takes a few days. Because of a strong staff, professional translation ability ensures quality, as well as good work progress.

High accuracy and clarity of translation

The understanding of specialized French information, the translated document information is completely suitable. There is high harmony, easy to understand, accurate expression, giving readers a deep and wide understanding.

The sentence is clearly broken

Besides accurate translation, the clear post-translation language of this place, also makes the reader feel comfortable. Helps to produce, read and understand contracts, partner content more easily and conveniently.

Has good security

As for documents related to the company, related to partners, surely businesses are very worried about spreading to the outside. But coming to T&C  Translation  , businesses and companies will no longer bother with this issue. Because of the reliability, the reputation of the facility always comes first, the security of customer information. Always be careful with all documents when implementing, to improve the quality of operations and services.

With the above outstanding advantages, T&C Translation is  completely confident to bring customers the most prestigious, fast and quality French translation services on the market today. For advice on French translation language, please contact us immediately for a free consultation 24/7 and get a main translation quote most authentic.

7.Commitments when using French translation services at T&C Translation.

Commitment to French translation quality

 T&C  Translation has over 10 years of experience in the field of notarized translation, consular legalization, and copying of originals. With a large team of translators and collaborators both at home and abroad, T&C  is always a very reliable place for people to use translation services.

  • Good price because there is a team of many years of experience and using the most modern translation software today is Trados, Wordfast, MemoQ,..
  • 100% refund if there is a mistake that makes the guest unsatisfied.
  • Focus on 8 main languages: Vietnamese – English – Chinese – Japan – Korean – French – German – Russian.
  • Professional process – fast – efficient
  • There are branches in all 3 regions of Vietnam – convenient for online and face-to-face jobs.
  • Notarized translations and consular legalizations are obtained on the same day.

Coming to T&C  Translation, customers will receive the following benefits:

  • Save time thanks to the most professional translation process available today
  • Get advice from professional, fast and friendly staff
  • Save a lot of translation costs by combining today’s leading translation tools.
  • The most accurate translation quality is reviewed through a process several times
  • Customer information and data are absolutely confidential, not disclosed or provided to the outside
  • Ensure work progress, deliver documents on time as committed to customers

 8.How do I contact T&C Translation?

If you have any need for French translation services or questions about the service, please contact T&C  translation company immediately  in the following ways:

  • Go directly to the head office and office at the address below:
  • Call the Hotline number for consultants to support 24/7
  • Leave information and requests here, consultants will contact for advice and quotation.
  • You can chat directly with the consultants in the lower right corner of the screen.

 T&C Translation is  committed to providing customers with quality, fast French translation services with the cheapest translation costs on the market. Serving you is the pride and honor of our whole staff. Please contact us immediately.

Note: For cases not in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), we still accept online applications in 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam and abroad.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

8 reasons to choose T&C.

1) Top 3 translation companies in Hanoi

2) 24/7 support and fast information response in 5 minutes.

3) Transparent service fee, committed to the value received by customers.

4) There are no surcharges.

5) Notarized translation taken immediately, fast legalization.

6) More than 3000 satisfied customers per year.

7) Keep absolute confidentiality of customer information.

8) 100% receive application results as committed.

Principles of Translation Practice

  1. Comply with the Terms of confidentiality of customer information and translated documents.
  2. Ensure the time, progress and deadline of the translation project.
  3. Always put translation quality first.
  4. Take responsibility for translation errors, delays.
  5. Transparency in pricing and refunds when mistakes occur.

It is strictly forbidden for individuals and organizations to perform the following acts:

a, Forging a translation company

b/ Forging the person requesting the notarization;

c/ The person requesting the notarization provides false information or documents; using forged or illegally erased or corrected papers or documents to request notarization;

d/ Obstructing notarized translation activities.

e, Do not accept translation dossiers of prohibited and confidential papers and documents.

Fast – Accurate – Professional Translation – Cheapest Price

(8 most used translation languages at T&C: English – Chinese – Japanese – Korean – German – French – Russian – Spanish)

*In addition, we also accept other services: interpretation services, notarized translation, original copying, consular legalization, judicial notarization


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