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Are you looking for reputable Indian translation services? Looking forward to partnering with a professional Indian translation company? In this article, we will introduce you to the  best quality, accurate, and priced Indian translation services on the market today.  

  1. The current demand for Indian language translation.

India currently has the 2nd largest population in the world after China. In addition, the country at a rapid pace of reform and development. Therefore, India is emerging as a leading economic and political power and playing an increasingly important role in stabilizing and peaceful regions around the world. Therefore, the need for Indian translation is essential at the present time.

The relationship between the two countries, Vietnam and India, is getting stronger and growing. The two countries have become important partners in many fields, especially cooperation in science and technology. Therefore, in order to create speed and convenience, Indian translation plays an important role, as a means to promote trade between the two countries.

  1. Difficulties of self-translation of Indian.

Difficulties in self-translation of Indian

The current trend of home translation, appearing more and more. Because translators want to save costs, they should choose this method. However, self-translation can cause some difficulties such as:

  • First, India is a multi-ethnic country with up to 400 ethnic groups coexisting to create indigenous colors. In addition, each region has its own regulations that make it difficult for translators. Because they have to understand the culture of India in general and the specific regulations of each ethnic group in particular. To create highly accurate translations and avoid causing unnecessary misunderstandings.
  • Second, self-translation requires translators not only to be fluent in the language but also to be equipped with translation skills and methods. It is known that with the country of India having more than 20 official languages, it creates a huge vocabulary. Requires translators to have experience, must apply many skills to use vocabulary flexibly, avoiding cases where using them in the wrong context leads to poor quality translations.
  • Third, self-translation takes a lot of time, money and effort. Because, translators have to spend a lot of effort on finding documents themselves, must be knowledgeable about the culture and customs of the country. However, searching for documents yourself will easily lead to finding unorthodox documents. This, in turn, affects the translation is not appreciated.
  1. Indian language translation services at T&C Translation.

Cheap, professional Indian translation services

 T&C Translation  is the most professional  Indian translation agency  in Vietnam today. With professional staff, quality translation and with extremely fast time. We provide Indian translation services such as:

Multidisciplinary Indian translation

  • Indian translation of all kinds of personal documents: birth certificate, household registration book, identity card, study certificate,…
  • Translation of Indian documents specialized in law: commercial law translation, import and export tax law,…
  • Translation of Indian documents specialized in technology – engineering: translation of training documents, technical reports, instructions for using machines,…
  • Translation of Indian documents specialized in economics: economic contracts, financial statements, trade reports,…
  • Indian translation of books, newspapers, websites,…
  • Notarized translation of Indian into Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean,..

Notarized Indian translation at T&C.

What documents are notarized translation

 T&C Translation  provides Indian  notarized translation services for  most types of documents and papers, so customers can be assured of the quality of our services. The seals attesting the translation at T&C are legally valid in Vietnam as well as India for the permitted validity period.

 T&C Translation  notarized Indian translation of the following documents:

  • Personal documents such as: identity card, household registration book, transcripts, school records, driver’s license, marriage certificate, divorce paper, curriculum vitae,..
  • Types of company documents: cooperation contract, financial statements, business registration, bidding documents, enterprise records, law documents,…

Note: If customers need notarized translation to take it immediately, take it quickly or urgently according to the appointment time, please contact T&C translation  immediately for consulting support.

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How much does Indian translation cost?

The non-fixed Indian translation fee is usually based on the following factors:

  • Languages that customers need to translate
  • Whether the project completion time is urgent or not
  • The difficulty of the major required by the customer
  • Number of documents requested by the client

Therefore, if you want to know the exact price for your document, please enter the information in the translation quotation. After receiving the customer’s information, T&C Translation’s Indian translation service consultants  will calculate and contact the quotation immediately for the customer.

  1. Indian translation process at T&C.

 T&C Translation  is a professional translation service company that adheres to the top stringent quality translation process in Vietnam. Because poor quality or machine translations can lead to major consequences, our management team and translators keep a close eye on how accurate the translations are. Here is the  Indian translation process  to complete the project quickly and conveniently for the client.

  • Step 1: Receive Indian translation documents at the office or customers can contact our Hotline for free quotation advice
  • Step 2: The project management team will receive the client’s documents and conduct document analysis and then offer the fastest and most accurate translation process.
  • Step 3: Conduct translation combining today’s leading translation technologies such as Trados, MemoQ, Word Fast,..
  • Step 4: The proofreader will check the quality of the translation for the last time before handing it over to the customer
  • Step 5: Deliver documents to customers on or before the appointment time as committed earlier
  • Step 6: Warranty, edit until the customer is satisfied according to the company’s policy

5.Why should you choose Indian translation services at T&C Translation?

Professional Indian translation and interpretation team

 T&C  Translation has a team of experienced, highly specialized translators, fluent in Indian, graduated from prestigious foreign language universities across the country and internationally. The staff works with a high sense of responsibility, listens and is ready to answer customers’ questions at all times,  everywhere.

Quality assurance translation process

To ensure quality translation, T&C Translation  always strictly follows the international standard translation process, using modern translation methods, professional translation team. Therefore, we always provide customers with the best quality translation and ensure you will be satisfied.

Completed on time

No matter how big or small the Indian translation project is, we always bring our customers translations with extremely fast and on time. We guarantee quality translations with extremely fast translation processing times.

Competitive Price

 T&C Translation  always tries to offer translation price lists with the most competitive and reasonable prices. We always bring customers low cost but accurate translation.

Note: For cases not directly located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), we still accept Indian  translation documents and notarized Indian translations in 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam. Please contact T&C Translation  for translation services,  notary services, online home interpretation services and other services upon request.

6.Commitments when using Indian language translation services at T&C Translation.

Commitment to translation quality

Coming to T&C Translation, customers will receive the following benefits:

  • Firstly, we provide Indian translation services in almost all provinces and cities across the country and abroad. Wishing to bring convenience to you when you need to use services at T&C Translation.
  • Second, T&C Translation is committed to delivering quality translations. With strict translation processing process, international standards, experienced translation team. We ensure to always provide translations with high accuracy, meeting the expectations of our customers.
  • Third, we are committed to providing translations on an extremely fast time. Time is a valuable asset and it can affect your interests. We guarantee that when customers use the service at T&C Translation, they will never encounter delays in processing translations, always provide translations with fast processing time and on time.
  • Fourth, we are committed to absolute security. When you use translation services at T&C Translation Company, we commit that all information and documents are always absolutely confidential. All relevant information and documents will be kept in the company’s confidential records. We will destroy all if you request.
  • Fifth, we are committed to providing professional services with dedicated customer care process. We always strive to bring satisfaction, peace of mind and propose optimal solutions for customers.

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7Contact Indian translation services at T&C

If you need Indian translation services or have questions about the service, please contact T&C  translation company immediately  in the following ways:

  • Go directly to the head office and office at the address below:
  • Call the Hotline number for consultants to support 24/7
  • Leave information and requests here, consultants will contact for advice and quotation.
  • You can chat directly with the consultants in the lower right corner of the screen.

 T&C Translation is  committed to providing customers with quality, fast  Indian translation services at the cheapest translation cost in the market. Serving you is the pride and honor of our whole staff. Please contact us immediately.

Note: For cases not in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), we still accept online applications in 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam and abroad.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

8 reasons to choose T&C.

1) Top 3 translation companies in Hanoi

2) 24/7 support and fast information response in 5 minutes.

3) Transparent service fee, committed to the value received by customers.

4) There are no surcharges.

5) Notarized translation taken immediately, fast legalization.

6) More than 3000 satisfied customers per year.

7) Keep absolute confidentiality of customer information.

8) 100% receive application results as committed.

Principles of Translation Practice

  1. Comply with the Terms of confidentiality of customer information and translated documents.
  2. Ensure the time, progress and deadline of the translation project.
  3. Always put translation quality first.
  4. Take responsibility for translation errors, delays.
  5. Transparency in pricing and refunds when mistakes occur.

It is strictly forbidden for individuals and organizations to perform the following acts:

a, Forging a translation company

b/ Forging the person requesting the notarization;

c/ The person requesting the notarization provides false information or documents; using forged or illegally erased or corrected papers or documents to request notarization;

d/ Obstructing notarized translation activities.

e, Do not accept translation dossiers of prohibited and confidential papers and documents.

Fast – Accurate – Professional Translation – Cheapest Price

(8 most used translation languages at T&C: English – Chinese – Japanese – Korean – German – French – Russian – Spanish)

*In addition, we also accept other services: interpretation services, notarized translation, original copying, consular legalization, judicial notarization


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