2 years TRC( Temporary Residence Card)



Depending on the purpose of staying in Vietnam, the 2-year temporary residence card will have the following symbols: LABOR, PV, TEL, TT… And of course, it is necessary to have the guarantee of qualified agencies and businesses. Application processing time: 10-15 days. This type of visa is allowed multiple entry and exit & long-term stay without leaving before the expiry of the card.

The keyword “2-year temporary residence card” has been the top 10 search in google in recent years. And it is also one of the documents for foreigners to have when choosing Vietnam as a long-term living country. So what is a temporary residence card? How long does it take to complete? Which foreigner is a reliable 2-year temporary residence card service ? This article will solve all problems.


What is a temporary residence card?

According to the provisions of Article 3 of Law No. 47/2014/QH13 of Vietnam, a temporary residence card is a document issued by a competent authority to foreigners allowed to reside in Vietnam.The temporary residence card is valid as a replacement for a visa (Visa) so it can be interpreted as a long-term visa. The agency authorized to issue temporary residence cards is the Immigration Department or the Immigration Department.

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Conditions for issuing a 2-year temporary residence card for foreigners

To apply for a temporary residence card in Vietnam, foreigners must ensure the following conditions:

✔ Passport valid for at least 13 months

✔ Foreigners must carry out procedures for temporary residence registration at the police of communes and wards in accordance with regulations.

The following subjects will not be eligible for a temporary residence card in Vietnam:

✚ Being examined for criminal liability or being a defendant in civil, economic or labor disputes;

✚ Being obliged to execute criminal, civil or economic judgments;;

✚ Being obliged to comply with decisions sanctioning administrative violations, tax payment obligations and other financial obligations.

Types of temporary residence cards for foreigners in Vietnam

A 2-year temporary residence card for foreigners is issued for various purposes, specifically:

  • PV1: For foreign reporters and newspapers resident in Vietnam
  • LĐ1: This card is issued to foreigners working in Vietnam who do not need a work permit.
  • LD2: This card is for foreign workers who must have a work permit.
  • TT: This card is for foreign relatives with work permits, temporary residence cards LĐ 2 or relatives of foreign investors.


The validity of the temporary residence card issued will be at least 30 days shorter than the remaining validity of the passport. Foreigners whose temporary residence cards expire will be considered for a new card or renewal of their temporary residence card.


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Benefits of 2-year temporary residence card for foreigners in Vietnam

✔ Multiple entry and exit visa exemption does not require issuing a new visa or applying for an entry letter.

✔ Can change Vietnamese driver’s license

✔ It is possible to buy apartments, open Vietnamese bank accounts.

✔ To live permanently in Vietnam according to the duration of the temporary residence card.

Steps to apply for a 2-year temporary residence card for foreigners

Step 1: Prepare documents in accordance with the law.

Step 2: Submit the application at the competent authority.

The agency you are applying for is the Immigration Office or the Immigration Department

Fee of state agencies for the service of making a 2-year temporary residence card for foreigners: 145 USD / 1 card.

If your application is valid, the person in charge will schedule a date to return the results. Otherwise, you will have to submit additional additions.

Step 3: Get the result

You need to give a receipt, pay the fee and some other documents to receive a temporary residence card.

However, most foreigners do not fully and specifically understand the legal regulations. Some documents for temporary residence cards have not been legalized, notarized translation or documents lack temporary residence certificates, visas for wrong purposes …

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