The Government of the Republic of Peru and the Government of the Social Republic of Vietnam have signed a convention allowing Vietnamese diplomatic and business passport holders to travel to Peru for a period of 90 days without applying for a visa. Only holders of ordinary Vietnamese passports need to apply for a visa to Peru.


When it comes to Peruvian soil, surely no one can ignore a world wonder Machu Picchu and the Inca trail. So what makes adventure travel enthusiasts choose Peru as the first destination? You can refer to the link below. As for this article, we want to share about visa procedures to Peru for Vietnamese and important notes about visas of this country.


Vietnam is not part of this country’s visa exemption policy, so in addition to diplomatic passports, the rest must apply for a visa to Peru.  And the easiest route to peru is by tourist visa.


Peruvian visa for Vietnamese is a type of visa that is affixed to the passport like Japanese or Korean visas. Although applying for a visa to Peru does not require an interview, you must meet at least the following:

✔ Passport valid for more than 8 months and at least 3 blank pages to apply Peruvian visa.

✔ There are bank account transactions.

✔ Bank passbook is over VND 100 million and is opened for at least 6 months.


– Guide the visa application process to Peru

➥ Step 1: Prepare documents

We have listed below, quite detailed and complete documents to apply for a visa to Peru for each purpose. You can scroll down for reference. All documents must be translated into English and judicially stamped.

➥ Step 2: Fill in the Peruvian visa application form

The Peruvian consulate only accepts applications in person, so there is no online application system. You can download the application directly.  After filling out the information in the requested form, remember to print it clearly and clip it to the prepared documents below.

➥ Step 3: Apply directly at the Peruvian consulate

Address of Consulate of Peru in Vietnam:

  • No. 1402, Level 14, Cornerstone Building, 16 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
  • Telephone number: +(84) 24 393 63082 (Ext. 101)
  • Email:

➥ Step 4: Get visa result

The result will be returned by the consul by post through the address at the time of filling out the form.

Peruvian tourist visa – package fee 120 USD

☑ Required documents:

  • New passport to paste Peruvian visa and old passport (if applicable).
  • Family registration and identity card
  • Documents proving the relationship with the accompanying person
  • Return flight booking
  • Book hotels in Peru.
  • A CD with a color photo file, passport size and white background.
  • A copy of a passbook with at least the last 6 months of savings or a bank statement of a bank account of at least the last 6 months.
  • Employment: Employment contract (for employees); or business registration (for business owners).
  • Proof of payment of visa fee to the bank account of the Consular Section/Embassy of Peru in Vietnam.

Business peruvian visa – package fee 120 USD

☑ Documents to prepare:

Similar to the application for a visa to Peru for tourism, the purpose of business travel needs to prepare the following 4 additional documents:

  • Letter of invitation and guarantee from a Peruvian party partner.
  • Proof of working transaction between two entities.
  • Decide to send employees on business trips.
  • Transaction statement of Vietnamese company’s bank account.

– Important notes when applying for a visa to Peru

✔ Whether or not a visa is issued to Peru is decided by the consulate, so the service fee will not be refunded if you are refused.

✔ The processing time of Peruvian visas is from 15 days and can be longer. Therefore, we recommend that you prepare your documents 30 days before your departure date.

✔ The embassy did not receive the application sent by post. Therefore, the application must be sent directly.

||  If you are feeling nervous because you do not have experience in filling out visa application forms to Peru. Or you are too busy and cannot go directly to the consulate to submit the application. Ask for a reputable visa  service provider.




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