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Korean and the Hallyu wave are popular and widespread in Vietnam. Vietnam Chris Travel  sends you the most affordable Korean translation service.

  1. What is Korean translation?

1.1. Introduction to the Korean language

Korean, Korean or Korean are the most common languages in the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and are the official languages of both North and South on the Korean peninsula. This language is considered an isolate language, unrelated to any other language existing in the world and is given its own name Koreanic.

Korean is considered an isolated language

1.2. Overview of Korean translation

Korean language translation is the conversion of documents and papers from Korean language to another language or vice versa. In Vietnam, Korean translation is commonly understood as the transition between Vietnamese and Korean languages.

Korean translation is increasingly popular in Vietnam

Korean language translation as well as language translation in general are divided into many fields:

  • Language translation by major: Korean translation majoring in economics, medical translation,…
  • Translation of documents and certificates: Korean study abroad, translation of documents, procedures …

Each type of translation has different characteristics and requires specific requirements from translators.

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1.3. Requirements of Korean language translation

To be able to translate accurately, translators need to have a firm grasp of knowledge and understanding of the Korean language as well as Hallyu culture.

For specialized Korean translation, translators need to have solid professional knowledge to properly translate difficult terms.

Korean translation is complicated, posing many challenges for translators

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  1. Reputable and fast Korean translation with Vietnam Chris Travel.

If you are looking for a reputable facility to translate Korean language at the most affordable cost, come to Vietnam Chris Travel with a  team of leading translators/interpreters with more than 10 years of experience in the field of translation!

2.1. Korean translation services and fields of Vietnam Chris Travel.

Vietnam Chris Travel receives translation and translation into Korean with all kinds of documents in a variety of fields, from personal papers to business documents, including the following typical services:

  • Business documents and papers: Enterprise capacity profile, Business license, Investment license, Import and export documents, Accounting documents, Contracts, Financial statements, Bidding dossiers, MSDS documents, Drawing design, Documents on machinery and equipment, Translation of communication publications,  Marketing, Advertising, Receipts, Invoices, Construction Permits …
  • Specialized translation: Translation majors in Economics, Finance, Medicine, Mechanics, Medicine,…
  • Korean certificate translation: TOPIK, KLAT, KLPT certificates
  • Other papers: Dissertations, Academic documents, Books, Journals, Training materials, Letters, Comments…

The above-mentioned Korean language translation fields are popular topics, if you have a need to translate any documents related to Korean. Please contact our team immediately for detailed assistance.

Vietnam Chris Travel translates all fields, paper hours.

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2.2. Commitments on Service at Vietnam Chris Travel.

With prestige and a team of experienced translators, each translated with large corporations such as Viettel, EY ,…  Vietnam Chris Travel guarantees to fully meet the following translation criteria:

  • The accuracy is close to 100%, especially with specialized documents with many difficult technical terms.
  • The translation process meets ISO 9001:2015 international standards
  • All information in the translation is absolutely confidential, not leaked out.
  • Translation time is optimized, completed on time committed to customers.
  • Service quotation is clear, transparent, strictly according to the prescribed price

Final verdicts

 Vietnam Chris Travel’s article  would like to temporarily end here. Korean language translation requires precision and deep expertise. If you are interested in our services, please contact us immediately and consult o. See you in the next article!


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