Procedures for applying for a work permit for the head of the representative office, the manager



The authority to issue work permits to foreigners is the Department of Labor, War Invalids & Social Affairs. Time to complete GP from 30 days. Therefore, when employees are not licensed if inspected, both enterprises and employees are subject to administrative fines in accordance with Vietnamese law.

When foreign workers enter Vietnam to work legally, they must have a work permit, except for cases of work permit exemption. The higher the position an employee has, the more difficult it is to apply for a work permit. Therefore, before businesses want to use foreign workers to serve as directors to run their businesses, they often seek work permit services for foreign directors. Because there are many schools due to problems with paperwork and lack of professional understanding, employers face many difficult problems that delay the progress of the plan. This article will help you find the most reputable and fastest work permit service for foreigners today.

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Conditions for issuance of work permits to foreign directors

A foreign director is an individual who is full 18 years old and has full civil act capacity in accordance with current provisions of Vietnamese law.

✔ Be healthy enough according to the Ministry of Health.

✔ Have a degree related to the industry in which the business is doing business

✔ Have confirmation of working experience in the field of management of 3 years or more.

✔ Not being a criminal subject to criminal prosecution under the provisions of Vietnamese law or the law of the individual’s host country

✔ There must be written approval from the competent authority approving the enterprise’s need to employ foreign directors

✔ Conditions for exemption from work permit application for foreign workers

According to the current Labor Law, all cases of foreign employees working in Vietnam must apply for a work permit, except for the following exempt cases:

✔ Workers only move within the enterprise.

✔ Employees who perform agreements or contracts on trade, finance, banking, economy, culture, sports, education, vocational training and health

✔ The employee is a contractual service provider or offers to sell services

The employee works for a foreign non-governmental organization or international organization located in Vietnam and is permitted to operate under applicable Vietnamese laws.

Authorities issue work permits to foreigners.

It is the local Department of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs of the enterprise.

-For example, the address in the business license is in Ho Chi Minh City. In HCMC, the business representative came to 159 Pasteur Street, Vo Thi Sau Ward (former Ward 6), District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.


Hanoi Department of Labour, War Invalids & Social Affairs

Address: No. 75 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street – Dong Da District – Hanoi City


Dossier of application for work permit.

Here are all the documents that businesses and employees need to prepare. Note, diplomas or certificates issued outside Vietnam, all must be legalized before submitting documents to the authorities.


In addition, if the foreigner is also the legal representative and the owner of this business, it becomes easier to get a work permit for a foreign director without a degree, please contact Vietnam Chris Travel  for quick & best advice.

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Procedures for applying for a work permit for a foreign director

In case you are a foreign employer, director directly prepares all legal documents to send to the competent authority to apply for a work permit for a foreign director working at your enterprise;

An employer using 3rd party services is a company specializing in providing work permit services for foreign directors

Difficulties in making a work permit for a foreign director by yourself

When employers directly apply for a work permit, it will save costs for businesses. However, when directly carrying out procedures, businesses will face many difficulties such as:

✔ Regulations on work permits are always changing, so it requires the person performing the procedure to have good professional knowledge and expertise to do it easily

✔ There are many cases where foreigners apply for different work permits, resulting in different procedural documents

✔ The form of documents must comply with the law, depending on the type of documents that the procedure-taker must provide such as: notarized copy, notarization time limit of each type of document, which papers need consular legalization …

Due to these difficulties, businesses always choose work permit services for reputable and legal foreign directors.

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Through this article, we hope that you will find a way to apply for a license for the most suitable foreign director. In case you are struggling, please contact the work permit service for Vietnam  Travel’s expat director Chris Travel  immediately for support and experience great services here.

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