To make Apec Card for expats and vietnamese

Make  Apec  cards for  foreigners  and Vietnamese


  • President.
  • General Manager.
  • Deputy General Manager.
  • Board member .
  • Director.
  • Chief Accountant.
  • Head of Department.
  • Branch Head, …

     Conditions for APEC card:

  1. Must have business transaction contracts with APEC  countries for  3 years or more >2

2.Import and export  turnover /   turnover in 1-2 years reaches VND 10 billion or more

3. As a    business owner,   shareholders contribute capital, so they must participate in  insurance contributions at the enterprise

4.Passports must travel to 2-3  APEC countries many times, have business  activities

5. Corporate  income  tax has been paid, with  confirmation of  tax debt

6.Contract for purchase/sale of  tours/goods, invoices  ,  transaction statements  with banks matching  invoices.


  1. Original references
  2. Company introduction letter (signed,  blankly stamped in 3 copies)

3.Form of application for  APEC   business card

(Attachment,  you add more information to the dispatch) — 02  signed    and sealed.

4.Purchase and sale  contracts, contracts  signed  with foreign companies  of APEC  members within 2 rounds

In  recent  years, the total has reached  VND 10 billion or more. (From

early 2020 to present)

Including:  Contracts, invoices,   customs  declarations and  budget submission  (each type 01 copy)

5. A copy of the cardmaker’s  passport  (per person)

01   notarized copy).

–   Full photo of visa  page and information  page

6.Decide to appoint a card maker ( 1 copy  of the company or 1  original copy per person)

7.Certificate of business registration  of the company (03 copies


8.Social insurance book participating at the company (each person

01   notarized copy) If you are a business owner, member

The Board of Directors  whose name is on the   business  license does not   participate in  paying social insurance at the company, does not need a social insurance  book.

– In case the social insurance  book does not  update the time of social insurance closure to the present,  make an application  for   confirmation of the social  insurance party closing the    social insurance up to     the present  time.

9.Corporate income tax payment paper Q1

or Q2 2022 (print the declaration  online, sign and deposit)

company  seal  made 01 copy per quarter).  –     2022 license tax payment  document (Signature  and  seal of the   Director, 01 copy  of the  company’s original  ) – Due to online tax payment,  please apply   Add a bank

money transfer  notice of the  above 2 clauses  (the bank signs and stamps  each type of 01 copy)

10.Confirmation of no tax  debt by the Tax Department  (01 department)

11.Investment certificate (for   foreigners)

12.Work permit (for   foreigners)

13.Temporary residence card (for foreigners)


When making Apec cards for Vietnamese people, the company has no insurance debt, no tax debt and has a business contract with a number of foreign companies that are Apec members. And a year’s revenue of over 10 billion can only be done.

The process will take  9-10 months to get it done from immigration  department


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