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China has always been a hot spot for conversations about travel plans. Besides, applying for a self-sufficient travel visa is also the first choice of active young people who love freedom and comfort.


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It is the most common and popular visa for you to enter China. Because the application is relatively simple and does not require private sponsorship or any agency on the Chinese side. The symbol of Chinese tourist visa is L. Depending on the strength and travel schedule, the Chinese consulate will issue you one of 2 types of visa as follows:

China tourist visa 3 months 1 time 15 days

It means that you are allowed to enter China only 1 time at any time in 3 months from the date of visa issuance. Your stay in the country is up to 15 days.

– China tourist visa 3 months 1 time 30 days

Similar to category 1, but you get a longer stay in China, which is 30 days.

✅ In addition, there is also a  transit Chinese tourist visa, denoted by G. This type of visa is for you who make a long-haul flight to 1 other country and have a transit place of China. If you do not intend to leave the airport, there is no need to apply for a transit visa. If you want to take advantage of transit time to visit some places in China, you can apply for a transit visa in China. Due to the short-term nature of the transit visa, the application is also quite simple and easy to issue. However, you also have to apply at the Chinese consulate, the visa processing time is 2-5 days to apply for a job.

✅ Finally, there is the Chinese  tourist visa in groups. This visa is only for tourists participating in the tour of the organizer in Vietnam. The application is an original passport valid for more than 6 months, not blurred or torn. The processing time is 2 days to apply for a job. Most of the time you get this visa is 99%, unless you have committed a crime in the country. Group travel visas are not affixed to the passport like the visas above, but rather 1 sheet of A4 paper left outside. Your information will be in a list of 1 tour group, including dates of entry and exit from China.

Types of Chinese visitor visas

If you want to visit relatives in China who are citizens or already have a permanent residence permit in this country. This type of Chinese visitor visa is denoted Q.

Visa symbol Q1: for the purpose of family reunification, the period of stay in China is more than 180 days.

Visa symbol Q2: allowed to visit China for short-term relatives (less than 180 days).

In case you want to visit relatives in this country, you are not a Chinese citizen but are studying, working, applying for a job here. This type of visa is denoted as S.

– Visa symbol S1: for the purpose of visiting relatives in China with long-term residence needs. (over 180 days).

– Visa symbol S2: for the purpose of visiting relatives in China with short-term residence needs. (less than 180 days)

In addition, if this visit to China is accompanied by children, the application is much more complicated.


The Chinese marriage visa has the letter symbol S2. The S2 visa is valid for 3 months. It means that for 3 months from the date you are granted your visa, you can go all the time. But you can only go 1 time and stay in China for up to 30 days to register your marriage.

After you register your marriage in China and have the original marriage certificate, you ask your husband to extend your visa, so that you can stay longer. Depending on the locality of the country, usually the visa extension will be 6 months or 1 year. You can enter China multiple times during that period.

– Chinese Visa 3 months 2 times

A business visa valid for 3 months. You are allowed to enter China 2 times. The maximum length of stay per stay does not exceed 30 days. This visa is issued in case you come to this country to apply for a job, attend conferences … It is mandatory to have an invitation letter, a letter of guarantee from the Chinese side, accompanied by a specific schedule.

– Chinese visa 6 months multiple times

It is a business visa valid for 6 months, with no limit on the number of entries. Each stay must not exceed 30 days. To get this type of Chinese visa, you need to go to China at least 2 times with a previous business visa. Besides, you need to prove your travel schedule multiple times within 6 months.

– Chinese visa 1 year multiple times

It is a business visa valid for 1 year, with no limit on the number of entries. Each stay must not exceed 30 days. Visa is issued to individuals with invitation letters, proving a multiple-entry travel schedule for 1 year, a necessary and sufficient condition is that visitors must have a 6-month multiple-time visa or 1-year multiple-time commercial visa.


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