Legalization of degrees


Guidance on procedures for consular legalization of university degrees, work experience to make work permits for foreigners in Vietnam. Consular legalization service, notarized translation of foreign documents.


  • Language used is Vietnamese or English. In case the HPHLS procedure is carried out at a representative office of Vietnam, the official language of that country may be used.
  • Papers and documents certified by diplomatic missions or consular offices of foreign countries.
  • Foreign documents and papers that require HPHLS must be intact, not erased or modified;
  • Original papers must have the signature of the competent person and the red seal of the foreign authority. Signature, clear seal. Sample seal, signature and title of the consular/embassy representative. Or diplomatic missions of foreign countries. Sample seal, signature and title must be introduced before to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Vietnam.


Legalization of Vietnam Consulate


  • 01 Consular legalization declaration form LS/HPH-2012/TK.
  • Identity documents of the person submitting the application (ID card, CCCD, Passport). If submitting in person, present the original. If submitting by post, prepare 1 uncertified copy.
  • University degree, experience confirmation that needs consular legalization: Original + 1 true copy (no need to authenticate)
  • 01 translation of Degree and Experience into Vietnamese or English. No authentication required.



Is the process to get a university degree, confirming foreign experience used in Vietnam


  1. Apply for Consular Certification

Bring your Bachelor’s Degree and certification of experience to the diplomatic mission of that country for this procedure. Usually the diplomatic agency of each country is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For example, in Vietnam, for consular certification, you can bring documents to the Consular Department – Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  1. Prepare documents

Prepare documents as instructed above.

Note: In case you do not want to put a legalization stamp on the original (original) of the document, before consular certification, go to the notary office to make a true copy of the document. After that, do the consular certification procedure on that copy.

  1. Submit application

There will be the following cases:

  • Consular legalization at Vietnam’s representative offices abroad.

– Executing agency: Embassy/Consulate

– Processing time: From 1 working day for less than 10 papers. No more than 5 working days for 10 or more types of documents.

  • Legalization at domestic diplomatic missions

– Executing agency: Consular Department (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) or Ho Chi Minh Department of Foreign Affairs

– Processing time: From 1 working day for less than 10 papers. No more than 5 working days for 10 or more types of documents.

Note: A mandatory condition to carry out procedures in the country is a university degree, experience confirmation must have a consular certificate of that country’s representative agency in Vietnam. The process for domestic consular legalization can be summarized as follows:


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