Health certificate for expats

List of medical    examination hospitals  to apply for  the latest   Work Permit


Health certificate   (or    Health certificate) is one  of the   mandatory  documents for   foreigners  to  apply for a  work permit in Vietnam. As     a rule, if the  medical  examination is not  at the right  hospital, it will not be  accepted when applying for a  Work  Permit.

So  where to  do a  medical  examination for a  work   permit?  Please  follow  the article   below.

  1. What is a work permit?

Work    permit  (also    known as  Work permit) is a type  of   permit issued by  a competent State  agency  of  Vietnam  to  foreigners to   work   legal employment   in Vietnam.

To be granted a work permit    ,     foreigners must   meet the prescribed  conditions  and must submit an  application for a     work   permit  at the  Department of Labor      Invalids  and  Social Affairs  of provinces and centrally-run cities.

 Pictures of Work  Permit  2021


  • Not every    case of foreigners   working in Vietnam  is required to have a   work permit, there are  cases  where working  without having to apply for  a   work  permit    For   more details,    you can  see the   article Work Permit  exemptions.
  • In case  a   foreigner  working  in Vietnam must obtain a  work  permit  without applying for a    permit, he shall be  administratively  sanctioned  from  VND  15,000,000    up to VND 25,000,000  and   expelled from the  territory of     For the  Company employing   Foreigners  to work without a  Work   Permit, the  Company shall be administratively    sanctioned  with a fine   up to 75.000.000 VND.
  1. Why do I need a medical examination  when applying for a Work Permit?

Pursuant to Clause 1, Article 151  of the  Labor Code  2019,  one of the conditions  for   foreigners  to  work  in Vietnam is to have sufficient health according to regulations determined by the Minister   of  Health.

At the same time, according to the provisions  of  Article 8, Article  9 and  Article 17  of  Decree  No. 152/2020/ND-CP,  a health   certificate  or    health certificate  is a mandatory document         must be included in  the application for  a new or   renewal of a   work permit  or an application for   a  certificate  of not being eligible for a  work   permit  dynamic.

Therefore,  the  examination and application for a  health   certificate  is a mandatory   condition if the  foreigner  wants to apply for a  work  permit  in Vietnam. Accordingly,     foreigners  must undergo medical examinations   at  hospitals on the  list  issued by the Ministry of Health  to supplement  the application  for  a license   labor.

Official Letter No. 143/KCB – PHCN &; GĐ dated 05/02/2015     of the  Department of  Medical Examination and  Treatment – Ministry of  Health promulgates the  list of  establishments eligible for  health  examination with water  elements; in addition to Circular  No.  14/2013/TT-BYT.

  1. List of hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City

There   are 09 hospitals    eligible for   health examination for  work permits  in  Ho Chi Minh City including:

  • People’s  Hospital 115;
  • Trung Vuong Hospital;
  • Thu Duc  District Hospital;
  • Van Hanh General Hospital;
  • An Sinh General Hospital;
  • Phuoc An General Hospital – CN3;
  • Cho Ray  Hospital;
  • FV Hospital;
  • Columbia Asia  International Hospital
  1. List of hospitals in Hanoi

There   are 13 hospitals  eligible for  health  check-ups for   work permits in Hanoi including:

  • Hospital E;
  • Xanh Pon  General Hospital;
  • Duc Giang General Hospital;
  • Dong Da General Hospital;
  • Hoe Chei  General Hospital;
  • Vietnam France General Hospital;
  • Hong Ngoc Private  General Hospital;
  • Thu Cuc International  General Hospital;
  • Trang An Private General Hospital;
  • Hanoi  Private  General Hospital;
  • Vietlife General Hospital;
  • Binh TeleClinic General Hospital;
  • Bach Mai Hospital

See   the full   list of  hospitals in  63 provinces and  cities: (According to TT14/2013/TT-BYT enclosed with  Official Letter No. 143/KCB-PHCN&GĐ dated February 05,  2015) 

1 HANOI 13  Hospital E
Xanh Pon Stadium
Duc Giang Football Stadium
Dong Da  Stadium
Hoe Chew Stadium
Vietnam France Football Championship
 Hong Ngoc Private  Stadium
 Thu Cuc International  Championship
 Trang An Private  Stadium
 Hanoi  Private  Stadium
PKĐK Viêtlife
PKĐK Dr.Binh TeleClinic
Bach Mai  Hospital
2 HAIPHONG 4  Viet Tiep Hai Phong Friendship Hospital
Kien An Stadium, Hai Phong
Institute of  Marine Medicine
  Hai Phong Medical University  Hospital
3 QUANG NINH 3 (data  provided  over the phone)  Quang Ninh Provincial Championship
  Bai Chay Hospital
 Vietnam –  Sweden Uong Bi Hospital
4 LANG SON 1 Central Stadium of  Lang Son  province
6 TUYEN QUANG  Tuyen Quang  Department of  Health did not send data
7 LAO CAI 1  Lao Cai Provincial Football Club;
8 CAO BANG 1  Cao Bang Provincial Championship
9 YENBAI 1  Yen Bai Provincial Championship
10 LAI CHAU  Lai Chau Provincial Championship
11 DIEN BIEN 2  Dien Bien  Provincial Championship
 Tuan Dao District Health Center
12 SHANLA 1  Son La Provincial Champion
13 PHU THO 1  Phu Tho  Provincial Championship
14 VINH PHUC 1 BV 74 Central
15 BAC KAN 1  Bac Kan Provincial Football Bureau
16 TAIYUAN 2 A Thai Nguyen Hospital
 Thai Nguyen Central Championship
17 BAC GIANG 1  Bac Giang Provincial Football Club;
18 BAC NINH 2 Bac Ninh Football Championship
Thanh An Stadium – Thang Long
19 OCEAN 1  Hai Duong Provincial Football Championship
20 HUNG YEN 2  Hung Yen  Provincial Championship
Pho Noi Stadium
21 PEACE 1  Hoa Binh Provincial Football Club;
22 NINH BINH 1  Ninh Binh  Provincial Championship
23 NAM DINH 1  Nam Dinh Provincial Football Championship
24 HENAN 1  Henan Provincial Championship
25 PEACE 1  Thai Binh Provincial Championship
26 THANH HOA 3  Thanh Hoa Provincial Football Championship
Hop Luc Stadium
Thanh Ha Football Stadium
27 NGHE AN  Quynh Lap National  Leprosy and Dermatology Hospital
28 HA TINH: 1  Ha Tinh Provincial Football Championship
29 QUANG BINH 1   Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Hospital Dong Hoi
30 QUANG TRI  Quang Tri Provincial Football Bureau
31 THUA THIEN HUE 1  Hue Central Hospital
32 QUANG NAM 1  Quang Nam Central Stadium
33 DANANG BV C Danang
Danang  Hospital
Hoan My Hospital
34 QUANG NGAI 1  Quang Ngai Provincial Football Bureau
35 PACIFICATION 2  Binh Dinh Provincial Football Bureau
 Quy Hoa Central  Hospital of Dermatology
36 PHU YEN 1  Phu Yen Provincial Football  Bureau
37 KHANH HOA 1  Khanh Hoa Provincial Football Bureau
38 REPRICE 1  Gia Lai Provincial Football Bureau
39 KON TUM 0
40 DAKLAC  The Department  of  Health of Dak Lak province did not send data
41 DAK NONG 3  Dak Nong Provincial Football  Bureau
 Dak R’ Lap District Champion
 Dak Song Provincial Football  Club;
42 NINH THUAN 1  Ninh Thuan  Provincial Championship
43 BINH THUAN 1  Binh Thuan Provincial Football Bureau
45 TAY NINH 1  Tay Ninh Provincial Champion
46 BINH DUONG 2  Binh Duong Provincial Football Championship
  Columbia Asia Binh Duong International Hospital
48 DONG NAI 3 Dong Nai Football Stadium
 Dong Nai Unified Football Stadium
 Dong Nai International  Hospital
49 HO CHI MINH CITY 9 People’s  Hospital  115
Trung Vuong Hospital
 Thu Duc  District Hospital
Van Hanh Football Stadium
An Sinh Championship
PKĐK Phuoc An-CN3
Cho Ray Hospital
FV Hospital
PKK   Columbia Asia Saigon
50 LONG AN 0
51 TIEN GIANG 1  Tien Giang Central Stadium
52 BEN TRE 1  Nguyen Dinh Chieu Hospital
54 TRA VINH 1  Tra Vinh  Provincial Champion
55 CAN THO 2  Can Tho City  Champion
Hoan My Cuu Long Championship
57 SOC TRANG 1  Soc Trang Provincial Football Championship
58 AN GIANG 1  An Giang Central Stadium
59 DONG THAP 1 Dong Thap Stadium
60 KIEN GIANG 1  Kien Giang Provincial Football  Bureau
62 CA MAU 0
63 BA RIA-VUNG TAU 3 Ba Ria  Hospital
Le Loi Hospital
Vietsovpetro TTYT


. Contents of    medical examination in the application  for a work  permit

According to             the provisions of  Article 11 of Circular 14/2013/TT-BYT  of the  Ministry of Health  on Guidance on health examination, in  the following cases:   Foreigners  have health examination  to apply for a work  permit, the contents of  the health examination  include:

  • Physical examination: including measuring height, weight, blood pressure,…
  • Physical  examination: including general   internal examination,  surgical examination, obstetrics and gynecology (for  women),  eye examination,   ENT  examination,  maxillofacial  examination     ,  examination
  • Subphysical   examination  includes blood tests,   urine   tests,  X-rays,…

  1. Notes to know to   prepare for  the medical  examination to apply for a Work  Permit

Before going to the doctor,   Foreigners  bring:

  • 02 photos size 4x6cm,  white background, not older than 06 months from  the date of submission of  medical  examination documents.
  • Passport

The  medical examination process for  foreigners  will be  conducted as follows:

– Step 1:     Foreigners  prepare  medical  examination dossiers  to be submitted at hospitals  on the  list  issued by the Ministry of Health (Items 3 and 4);

Step 2: The hospital     collates  the portrait  photo in the   file with the   foreigner who comes to the examination, stamps the border  on  the portrait  photo and checks  passport;

Step 3: The hospital  conducts   a health examination  according to the procedures  issued by the Ministry of Health.

  1.  Duration of Health  Certificate/  Health Certificate

According to  the  provisions of Clause 3 Article 8 of Circular  14/2013/TT-BYT,  the  health certificate is  valid for  12 months from  the date the competent  person signs  the conclusion health.

Note: If   the   foreigner  has a   health certificate issued by  a competent  hospital  of a foreign country, the  expiry  date  is not more than 6 months from  date  issued.  To be     legally  used in  Vietnam, the   Health  Certificate must be    legalized  and translated into  Vietnamese with certified  translation  (Clause 5 Article 1 of Circular  14/2013/TT-BYT).


if  you need ro do health certificate to apply for work permit or getting  married with  vietnamese , you should prepare some documents  for me as below:

  1. Pdf copy of  passport
  2.  1 picture(  size:  3* 4)  note:  white background  and color shirt
  3. Fill in the form:

Please send all documents to my email?


Phone: +84983026382( zalo/whatsapp) Mr. Chris




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