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Dear customers!

Du Lich T& C Trading Co., Ltd. would like to send you a quote for the service of establishing a package company (Just go into operation) as follows:
Implementation time Service fee
(VAT not included)
PACKAGE 1: From 15 to 17 working days 6.500.000 VND Regular Plan
PACKAGE 2: From 5 to 6 working days 6.690.000 VND Fast
PACKAGE 3: From 3 to 4 working days 7.490.000 VND Super fast
PACKAGE 4: From 1 to 2 working days 8.590.000 VND EXPEDITED
Results you get:




(You just need to sign the application and receive the results at home.

Du Lich T& C Trading and Trading Co., Ltd. prepares all company establishment documents, sends you to sign and receive authorization from you to contact state agencies to submit and receive results)




Company Circle Stamp (Quantity: 1)

Director’s title Stamp (Quantity: 1)

Business registration license

Set of business dossiers (Charter, proposal)

Mica Beach hanging headquarters (KT 25×35 cm)

Company digital signature: 1 year package

Electronic invoicing software with 200 invoice numbers

Support to open a bank account with beautiful numbers (free)

Assistance in filing license tax returns (First year of license tax exemption)

Registration of tax calculation methods for the company

Support first quarter tax declaration.

Support in preparing initial documents for tax authorities to check


Implementation time: From the date the customer sends back the signed dossier and papers to Du Lich T& C Trading Co., Ltd.

(Working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays as prescribed by the state

Why you should use the package company establishment service at Du Lich T& C Trading and Trading Co., Ltd.


Du Lich T& C Trading Co., Ltd. provides a package solution from a to z for business owners to feel secure, without wasting time going to work on each small item. When receiving the results, the Company just needs to go into operation.

We are committed to supporting businesses throughout the operation:

–       Attend training sessions Completely free with the topic: Guide, consult and share notes for new business owners (Held every 1-2 months, Offline)

–       Be guided to use and support to overcome all errors during use (if any) of digital signatures and e-invoicing software

–       Periodically, we always remind the tax declaration schedule, tax payment schedule and update new tax policies, new notes for businesses (At groups dedicated to businesses using the services of Trading and Du Lich T& C Co., Ltd.)

With a team of professional, quality and dedicated personnel, We are committed to bringing the best value to customers.

Du Lich T& C Trading and Trading Co., Ltd, have us, you can start a business with peace of mind!


Du Lich T& C Trading and Trading Co., Ltd., specializes in providing package services:

–       Establishment of a package company, Engraving of a business

–       Tax Accounting – Tax Reporting-

–       Digital Signatures, E-Invoices, Insurance Software

–       Change of business license, Business purchase and sale

–       Procedures for suspension and dissolution

–       Registration for trademark protection, Logo

–       Design a portfolio, apply for a certificate of competence of a construction company=

–       Apply for a travel permit for a travel agency

–       Drafting various types of contracts (Economic contracts, capital contribution contracts, labor contracts…)

–       Procedures for changing the name of the red book, changing the name of the car.



We just need original  ID card and  1 notarized ID card.  So  we can do for you .


Phone: 0983026382( zalo/whatsapp)






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