Instructions on how to cancel temporary residence card for foreigners in Vietnam



Regardless  of the     reason  , Vietnamese   enterprises are still required  to cancel the foreigner’s temporary residence  card when terminating  the   labor contract  with the employee foreign caves  .

 The  labor market  is always   volatile, the problem of  foreigners  quitting  or  changing jobs  also takes place  a lot. Therefore,   enterprises must carry out   procedures to  cancel temporary residence cards for   foreigners  upon termination  of  labor  contracts.  So in what cases  is  the  enterprise  responsible  for carrying  out procedures  to  revoke  the temporary residence card? 


 Why do I need to cancel my temporary residence card  for  foreigners  in Vietnam?

  When Vietnamese     enterprises employ   foreign labor resources, it  means that the enterprise  is  obliged  to take  responsibility  for rights and meanings.   Affair with respect to  his   labor.  Enterprises  must  be responsible  for  sponsoring   foreign workers  to apply for visas to enter   Vietnam,  and at the same time must apply for work  permits  and temporary residence  cards so    that   foreign  workers are allowed to   live and  work permanently in Vietnam.

 Temporary residence  cards for   foreigners  are usually  valid for 1 to 2 years.          Holders of  temporary residence cards will be exempted  from  visa upon entry and exit during the validity of the card.  But for   some   reason  that foreigners  want to  quit their jobs or enterprises   unilaterally   terminate labor   contracts,  enterprises  are required  to carry out the   revocation  of  temporary residence cards and  work  permits  to terminate the  rights and   obligations of both enterprises   and employees.   This is  the reason why  the  temporary residence card is  revoked.

 Thus,     regardless of the   reason  ,   Vietnamese   enterprises are still required  to cancel the temporary residence card of foreigners when terminating  labor  contracts  with  foreign   workers.

 Procedures for  canceling temporary residence cards for  foreigners  in Vietnam

   The   revocation  of  temporary residence cards should be paid special  attention by   businesses because it is  directly related  to immigration issues  of   foreign workers  in Vietnam  South.

✔ In case  the party    unilaterally  terminates  the contract  as an employee:

 In  some cases,   foreign workers  want to unilaterally  terminate  the contract ahead of time.  Then     enterprises   are required to revoke  temporary residence cards in accordance  with current Vietnamese  laws.

  Step 1:        Prepare  all types of  documents of employees, including  the  original temporary residence card and work  permit.

 Step 2: Contact  the  Vietnam   Immigration  Office  and  the Department of  Labor,  War Invalids and Social Affairs  to  carry out  procedures to revoke  the  temporary residence card of  foreign  workers  In addition,     revoke the  work  permit and promptly  send an exit   request  letter to foreign  workers  leaving  the  territory of Vietnam  upon termination  of  the labor   contract.

✔ In case the  party unilaterally   terminates  the labor contract is a Vietnamese company.

  If   the   company  fee party is the  party that unilaterally terminates  the  working  contract with the  foreign   worker, in addition to  taking  2 steps as in the above case,   must apply for an  exit   visa for  at least  15 days.  The purpose  of  this  exit  visa  is for  foreigners  to  have  time to  arrange  exit from Vietnam.  On the  other hand, the  company has an  extension of the  temporary residence  card for  01 month and submits  a specific   explanation of  the reason if the employee  wants to find another  new job;   in Vietnam.

  An application  for   a 15-day  exit  visa  for foreign  workers  includes the following documents:

✔        Notarized   business registration  certificate  and certificate of  sample of  notarized seal of the  enterprise (  copy);

✔ Passport  of foreigner   (   original);

✔  Temporary residence card  of  foreigners  (  original);

✔     The application for extension  of  temporary residence card for  foreign  workers shall be   prescribed by the   Immigration Department according to the form.

Where to  cancel the  temporary residence card for  foreigners  ?

    After fully preparing  the  dossier  of  revocation  of the  temporary residence card of the  foreign worker, the enterprise  will submit the  application  at:    Immigration Department where  Enterprises  setting up their  business  registration   offices:

➧ 337  Nguyen  Trai,  Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1  ,  Ho Chi Minh City.

➧ No.  44 – 46  Tran Phu Street,  Ba Dinh District,  Hanoi City.

   Immigration   office where the enterprise has its  business  registration office.

 Temporary residence card cancellation fee  for  foreigners

   According    to   Vietnamese law  on   regulations on collection  rates, regimes  of  collection, payment,  management and   use of fees  and charges  in the field of  exit and entry  ,            transiting, residing  in Vietnam,  on the  fee for  issuing  visas and documents related to permits  in   Vietnam for foreigners  .    The fee for canceling temporary residence cards for  foreigners   please contact  for  details.

 Temporary residence card cancellation service for  foreigners  in Vietnam

 In addition    to carrying  out   procedures for  canceling temporary residence cards for  foreigners  themselves, they can  use the   services  of Vietnam Chris Travel.      We  will advise    wholeheartedly,  guide businesses  to prepare necessary  documents, documents, …   and ensure    the highest  success rate.    With experience  and a  team of  enthusiastic,  knowledgeable  and skilled  staff  ,  we  are proud  to  help you solve  all problems.

 Wrapping Up

   Through  this article, you  will  better understand the procedure  as well as where to contact to  be able to cancel the  temporary residence card for   foreigners  when they  or their business  Your   karma wants to  terminate the  employment  contract.  If           you have any questions  , please contact  us so that we can  assist in  answering  and  providing you  with  the necessary  service.


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