Work permit exemption procedures for  foreign  investors

    Work permit exemption procedures for  foreign  investors


  1. Regulations on foreign investors  exempted from  work permit, if they have charter capital of more than 3 billion, they are allowed to go directly to make a 2-year TRC  temporary residence card.

         Foreigners  working  in Vietnam who are “Capital contributors or owners  of limited liability companies” are exempt  from   work  permits  ( Labor license)

 ”   Foreign   investors  are  individuals with foreign nationality, organizations  established  under  foreign  laws that carry out  business  investment activities  in  Vietnam”

As   can be  seen,   investors  can be individuals  or organizations.  If    the   investor on the   Investment  Certificate  is an organization  , then the person  representing the   organization  cannot be considered an investor.  In case  the investor  is an individual  , he will be exempt from  work  permit.      In case  the director  (legal representative) is a hired or  appointed  director, not investing  in an   individual capacity   , it remains must apply for a work  permit.

2.  Procedures for  making work  permits  for  investors under VND 3 billion

Work permit   for  investors  ?   Why is the  investor  not  exempt from   the work   permit?    Advising  on  work  permit   procedures for investors  under VND 3 billion.

  Do investors have to apply for   a  work   permit?

What is an  Investor?

According  to    the provisions of Vietnamese  law  ,  investors are  those who give up their assets  to  implement   projects for the  purpose  of  making profits  in Vietnam South.     Investors  include domestic  investors and  foreign  investors.

Currently,  Foreign  investors  include the  following 2 cases:

–   Direct investor: A person who puts his  own money to invest.

–  Indirect  investor: A   person representing a foreign  organization (enterprise)  investing  in Vietnam.

In which cases  is the   Investor exempt  from  the Work  Permit?

Whether they are  direct or       indirect  investors,  foreigners   are eligible  for  Labor License  Exemption or  Non-exemption.

Specifically, Decree  152/2020 stipulates that there are 2 cases  in which    investors are exempt from  work permits:

  •  Being the owner  or  capital contributing member of a  limited liability company with a capital contribution value  of  VND 3 billion  or more.
  •  Being the Chairman of  the  Board of   Directors  or  a member of the  Board of Directors  of a joint-stock  company  with a capital contribution value of VND 3 billion or more.

Both of  the above   cases   require  the    investor’s  capital  of VND 3 billion or more.  That is  , investors   with a  capital of less than VND 3 billion  will not be exempt from  work  permits.     This  means that they have to go through the normal procedure for  applying  for a  work  permit.

Work    Permit  Application Process for  Investors

The order  of  carrying out the procedure for  applying for  a work permit  includes  the  following 2 steps:

1  . To determine the  need  to  employ  foreign  workers.

  1. Issuance of work permits

Here are detailed  instructions.

 Determine the  need  to  employ  foreign  workers

* Legal  bases

–  Labor Code  2019

– Article 4, Decree  152/2020

Implementation   time:  At   least 30 days in advance from the   expected date of  employment  of  foreign  workers.

Place   of   implementation:  Provincial Labor Management Agency  (Department of   Labor, War  Invalids and Social Affairs   / Management Board  of  Industrial  Parks)

The result of  this  procedure is a letter approving  the   use of foreign  workers

*  Profile  composition

– Operation  registration  certificate  of the enterprise,  copy.

–  Application form explaining  the need to  employ foreign  workers.  Form No. 01/PLI, issued under Decree  152/2020. In        the process of  implementation,  if the  demand for   foreign workers  changes, use  Form No.  02/PLI.

*   Application processing time

Within  10  working days   from the date of receipt  of  the application.  In case  of  refusal, the State agency  must issue a  written  statement clearly stating the reason.

Issuance of  work permits

The enterprise shall carry out the procedures for  issuance of  a work  permit when the   procedures for  applying  for  a letter  of approval for the  use   of  foreign workers  have been completed.

*  Profile  composition

  1. A written application for a work  permit  according to Form No. 11/PLI ND 152/2020.
  2. Health certificate or health    certificate.   This certificate issued by  a    competent  medical  agency  or organization of a  foreign  country or Vietnam  is  valid for 12 months.
  3. Criminal record card issued by a foreign or Vietnamese agency.    This certificate  shall be issued no later than 06 months from  the date of  issuance to the date of submission.
  4.  Documents proving  that the  investor is such as:  Investment  certificate  or   Certificate of  eligibility for  capital contribution.
  5. 02 color photos (size 4 cm x 6 cm,  white   background  , straight face, bare head, no  stained glasses), photos taken not older than 06 months.
  6. Written approval of the demand for employing  foreign   workers.
  7. A   certified copy of   a valid  passport as prescribed  by  law.

* Apply 

Provincial   Labor Management  Agency  (Department of Labour, War  Invalids and Social  Affairs / Management Board  of  Industrial Parks  )

*    Resolution time

05  working days.   From the date of  receipt of  a valid  application.

In case of   non-confirmation  , a written reply  clearly stating  the reason shall be given  .

  1. Dossier of application for  confirmation  of  labor license exemption

a  ) A written  request for  confirmation that the  foreign  worker is not eligible for a  work  permit;

b  ) A list of  quotations  about foreign  workers  with the following contents: full name;  age; gender;  nationality;   passport number;  start   and end dates  of work;    job positions  of  foreign   workers;

  1. c)  Documents  to  prove that the foreign   worker is not  eligible for a work

The documents  proving  that  the foreign  worker  is not  eligible for a  work   permit are 01 original  or 01  copy if in  a   foreign language  , it is exempt         consular   legalization, but  must be translated into Vietnamese and  authenticated in accordance with  Vietnamese law.”

Within 03      working days from the date of  receipt of a  complete  application for  confirmation  of  not being eligible for a work  permit, the Department of Labor  and   War Invalids    and the society shall send a written  confirmation  to the employer  or a   written  reply  if not confirmed.


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