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Thank you for your interest in Vietnam Chris Travel’s visa processing service. Currently, the demand for travel between countries around the world is extremely large, along with the purpose of visiting landscapes with relatives, meeting partners or reaching out to learn … We understand the difficulties of our clients when preparing the necessary documents to apply for an entry visa. We would like to send you detailed procedures and detailed working time of French Visa. We look forward to cooperating and working with you!

French Republic

France, officially the French Republic, is a country whose main territory is located in Western Europe and a number of overseas regions and territories. The French part of Europe stretches from the Mediterranean to the English and North Seas, and from the Rhin River to the Atlantic Ocean.

Photo: Flag of the French Republic

France has never made others stop loving because of its magnificent beauty and rich culture. Referring to France, people will immediately think of the famous Eiffel Tower, delicious Macaron cake or the magnificent Arc de Triomphe. Behind the prosperous development of France are countless interesting things that not everyone knows.

Paris is known as the “light capital” of Europe because there are up to 50,000 lights on the streets. Many people often joke that, with just two more letters, the capital of the hexagonal country will turn into “paradise”.

Photo: Eiffel Tower – French Republic

  1. General information about French visas.

When visitors enter and exit the French Republic, foreign nationals are required to have a valid passport, or a replacement document other than the accompanying visa.

– French visa applicants must legally stay in Vietnam.

– Visa applications must be submitted as early as 3 months or at least 15 days before the intended date of travel.

– Applicants must submit their students in person at the Intake Center by appointment. The biological data (10 fingerprints and digital photo) is taken when applying for a visa.

– The application is considered based on the documents provided by the applicant (Incomplete documents may be refused a visa).

When necessary, French visa applicants may be invited to an interview and asked to provide additional documents.

– All documents in Vietnamese must be accompanied by a notarized translation into English or French.

– All documents must be accompanied by translation, and originals for reference. The reception room retains only translations.

– Documents and documents must be A4 paper size, documents by fax and e-mail are not accepted.

Photo: French Visa

  1. Basic procedures for issuing a French visa.

– Complete the online French visa application form and sign your personal name, provide 02 photos of 3.5×4.5cm white background (face area accounts for 80% of the photo area).

– Passport (with at least 2 blank pages, within 10 years, valid for at least three months until visa expiry).

– Proof of transportation (book airfare, or other means).

– Travel, health and accident insurance (insurance of at least €30,000) for the Schengen area.

– Identity documents: ID card, household registration book, marriage registration.

– Documents proving the employment of the French visa applicant.

+ Business owner, legal representative of the enterprise: Business registration, member confirmation, tax payment confirmation of the company…

+ Employees: Labor contract, appointment decisions, personnel reception, salary confirmation.

+ For students: Confirmation of the school’s learning.

+ For retirees: Documents proving pension rights.

– Financial proof documents: Passbook, bank account statement, balance confirmation.

– A statement confirming the notarized authority of the parents to consent to the minor child traveling without the accompanying parents.

  1. Detailed French visa procedures according to the purpose of entry.

* French visa for Tourism purposes.

– An invitation letter from a tour company in France accompanied by legal documents of the tour company (if any).

– Detailed itinerary for the duration of your stay in France and Schengen member states.

– Documents as proof of stay in France (book hotel).

– Proving the applicant’s bond in Vietnam: Red book, other income proof documents.

Photo: Arc de Triomphe – France

* French visa for Business purposes.

– The original invitation letter of the organization or business in France, please ensure that it includes the inviting party’s details, the inviter’s details, personal identity details, the list of invitees, the inviting address, contact information, the time and purpose of stay and the person’s relationship with the applicant,  the party paying the cost of the trip.

– Business registration of the inviting company, the passport of the person signing the invitation letter.

– Documents as proof of stay in France (book hotel).

– Business registration of the company in Vietnam, confirmation of tax payment in the last 3 months.

– Account statement of the company in Vietnam in the last 6 months.

– Decide on the work of the company whose personnel are invited.

– Documents proving the commercial relationship between the 2 parties.

* French visa for visiting purposes.

– The original invitation letter of the individual who is a citizen in the French Republic sponsors through the city hall of the city where the guarantor resides, please ensure that it includes the invite’s details, the invite’s details, personal identity details,  The inviter’s list, inviting address, contact information, duration and purpose of stay, and the inviter’s relationship with the invitee, the party paying the cost of the trip, together with the inviter’s passport.

– Proof of employment, income, finances and accommodation of the inviter.

– Documents proving the relationship: Birth certificate, Marriage registration certificate….

– Document as proof of stay in France of the invitee (book hotel) – this document is not required if the inviter can prove accommodation to invite the applicant.

– Proving the applicant’s bond in Vietnam: Red book, other income proof documents.

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The French visa is one of the European Schengen visas. This means that when you obtain a French visa, you will be allowed to enter and stay legally in the remaining 25 European countries in the same Schengen area. These are countries: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, Czechia, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lettonia, Lituanie, Luxembourg, Malta, Greece, Poland, Netherlands. Vietnam Chris Travel , prestigious French Visa service would like to refer to the latest regulations on French visa procedures. Hope Vietnam Chris Travel can help you answer your questions.

French visa application services


➤ Visa package fee + insurance


➤ Purpose of Visa


➤ Type of visa

Single – entry 1 time

➤ Processing time

15 working days

➤ Duration of stay in France

30 days

➤ LSQ Presentation

according to the LSQ calendar



French Visa Consultancy



Application for a French tourist visa.

Personal information

+ Original passport

+ 3.5 x 4.5 images with white background – 2 images

+ Household registration – notarized in the whole book

+ ID card


+ If you work for the company: Labor contract or position appointment certificate, leave application, 3-month payroll, 3-month bank account statement (if paying salary through the bank).

+ If you are a business owner: Business license, latest tax payment paper, company account statement for the last 3 months.


+ Savings book of over 200 million VND

+ Confirm passbook balance

+ Documents of real estate or car

Notes on applying for a French tourist visa

+ All documents are required to have original tables & notarized photos

+ You must present at LSQ/DSQ by appointment

+ French – European visa is never passed because it depends on the work, finances and travel history of the individual French visa applicant.

+ Submit all passports you already have


➤ Visa package fee + insurance


➤ Purpose of Visa

Visiting relatives

➤ Type of visa

Single – entry 1 time

➤ Processing time

15 working days

➤ Duration of stay in France

30 days

➤ LSQ Presentation

according to the LSQ calendar



➤ France Visa Consultancy



Application for a French visitor visa.

Inviter profile from France

+ Invitation letter clearly stating the content, time, schedule, and accommodation address of the invitee

+ Prove your finances and work to let the French Federation believe that you are capable of inviting relatives to visit, not to work for the wrong purpose of issuing a visa.

+ Guarantee and commitment to take responsibility if Vietnamese do not go and return on time for the permitted visa.

+ Inviter information

?  Invitee profile from Vietnam

Similar to the profile of the self-sufficient French tourist visa above. However, there must be additional documents proving the relationship between you and the inviter from France. Proof documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate certificate, joint photo …

– Note about applying for a French visitor visa

+ The ability to pass a visa depends mainly on the French visa applicant himself based on work, finance, travel history.

+ French – European visa never passed

+ Your passport, need at least a Japanese visa and a Korean visa.


➤ Visa package fee + insurance


➤ Purpose of Visa

work, work

➤ Type of visa

Single – entry 1 time

➤ Processing time

15 working days

➤ Duration of stay in France

30 days

➤ LSQ Presentation

according to the LSQ calendar



➤ France Visa Consultancy



– Application for a business French visa

Unit profile invited from France

+ Invitation letter from the French company inviting the company in Vietnam. In the invitation letter, clearly state the purpose, time, name of the representative of the Vietnamese company and the itinerary of the trip…

+ Proof of cooperation relationship between 2 companies (foreign trade contract, email exchange ….)

+ Letter of assurance that the invited person must return to Vietnam on time and apply for a French visa.

+ Passport of the person writing the invitation letter

Unit profile of Vietnam

+ The company is invited: business registration certificate, latest tax payment paper

+ Sent staff: Passport, two photos 3.5 x 4.5 with white background, ID card, household registration, labor contract, job nomination decision (in English), payroll for the last 3 months, bank account statement.

– Note when applying for a business French visa

+ French business visa never depends on the cooperation documents between 2 sides of Vietnam and France.

+ Persons sent on business trips should have transactions in bank accounts.


➤ Visa package fee + insurance


➤ Purpose of Visa

Scheduled learning

➤ Type of visa

Single – entry 1 time

➤ Processing time

15 – 20 working days

➤ Duration of stay in France

30 days

➤ LSQ Presentation

according to the LSQ calendar



➤ France Visa Consultancy



– Application for a French student visa

International student profile:

– Photo 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm (2 photos), original passport, household registration.

– A copy of the certificate of enrollment at an educational institution and, in the case of a private school, a copy of the certificate of payment of tuition fees.

– Transcript + most recently obtained diploma

– Copy of test results TCF (Test de Connaissance du Français) or DALF (Diplôme d’Aptitude en Langue Française) or DELF (Diplôme d’études en langue française) or TEF (Test d’évaluation de Français).

– A copy of the receipt of Campus France with the identification number (numéro d’identifiant).

– Documents proving financial ability.

  • + For other cases, a bank certificate proving an amount of 7380 euros (in addition to tuition fees), which is the amount required to live for a year.
  • + In case, study abroad at the expense of parents: letter from parents, confirming payment of all expenses of this student’s stay in France, signed by parents. and documents proving the financial ability of parents (payslips, certificates of balance in bank accounts, passbook statements).

– Proof of tuition fee payment.

– Proof of residence if living in an individual’s home: a copy of the lease agreement (or proof of ownership). Latest electricity bill (or phone bill).

School profile in France:

– Admission offer letter clearly stating international student information

– Information of the representative of the invitation letter.

Contact :

Phone: 0983026382(zalo/whatsapp)





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